Writing Motherhood

The Course

This semester-long intensive will help you create powerful literary prose using your own life experience as a mother. Next course begins October 2021.

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Personalized Reading List

Personalized reading lists designed to suit your specific needs.

Intensive Feedback

Deep feedback (via Zoom meeting, marginal notes, and written response) on up to 30 pages of your work per month.

Relationship-Oriented Partnership

We learn your work style and are devoted to supporting your writing in the most individualized way possible.

What It Is:

Writing Motherhood is a semester-long intensive course designed to help you create powerful literary prose using your own life experience as a mother.

We will examine the intricate decisions required when constructing a strong narrative, how and where to start and end your story, how to thematically connect a series of essays, how to structure a book-length manuscript, and how to edit for publication. We will also explore how to build a compelling persona, how and when to use your family as characters, the art of using humor in narrative, and the power of subjective memory, all while taking a deep dive into the ethics of writing about family.

Who It's For:

Writhing Motherhood is designed for self-motivated creative writers who prefer an individualized, yet structured course of study with deep feedback from the instructor.  It is a morph of a traditional apprenticeship and online course with a workshop component.

It is open to both fiction and creative nonfiction writers. You might have a book-length manuscript in mind, but it is not necessary. 

The ideal writer in this course will have written essays or short stories before, and may have a goal of completing a memoir, novel, or collection of essays or stories.

This course asks for six months of devotion to reading, writing, revising, and deeply discussing your work, as well as the work of the other writers in your cohort. 

You also should be prepared to meet all time suggestions (otherwise known as “deadlines”), be eager to work, and open to trying new things.

How It Works:

Before the course begins you and your instructor will develop an individualized study plan based on your writing goals. This will include an analysis of your writing strengths and challenges, feedback on writing you submitted during your application, and the formation of a personalized reading list that will help you generate both skills and ideas along your journey through the course.

 You will be in a cohort with five other writers. The 6:1 student/instructor ratio is designed for maximum personal feedback and mentor response. Cohort members also have the opportunity to forge relationships with each other that will hopefully continue long after the course is over…a foxhole sisterhood of sorts. 

Each course begins and ends with a residency that can be designed around general family obligations. For now, all residencies are virtual, but we hope this will change in 2021!

The September residency will consist of initial craft talk sessions, discussions on how to best structure your writing life while in the program, and some “hang time” that allows us to share writing inspiration and struggles, recently read books, and your writing. Despite its “virtualosity,” it should be both fun and inspiring with some treats thrown in.

 Course Breakdown:

 Every week you will:

  • Engage remotely with your mentor and class members
  • Attend weekly Skype craft talks and discussions 
  • Explore your writing boundaries with creativity exercise and mini-writes

 Every two weeks you will:

  • Meet on Zoom with mentor
  • Follow your individualized writing plan
  • Read and respond in writing to your book-list books

 Every month you will:

  • Turn in a “packet” of work to your mentor
  • Receive a return packet with deep feedback and critique from your mentor the following week
  • Meet on Zoom for discussion of your work, and ongoing dialogue about your process and development

 Along the way you will have 24-7 access to a private online supportive community, guest speakers, and optional reading events. You don’t have to share your work with others, but it’s a safe place to do so!

The course ends with a second residency in April 2021. Metting topics will include sharing individual accomplishments/ struggles, craft talks on submission strategies for book excerpts, individual essays or stories, and movement toward finding a literary agent for those who are ready.

To make this program work we want you to:

  • Take your deadlines seriously. This helps you develop a strong writing habit, but following deadlines will also ensure your mentor has enough time to respond to your work.
  • Stay devoted to your writing schedule. We know most writers in this course have family obligations, and we encourage you to get creative with how you carve out your writing time. Nobody said it would be easy, but we know you can do it.
  • Have a temporary affair with your reading list. We want you to know it in an intimate way. And by this we mean you should know it well enough to be able to explain what you are learning to someone else and also apply it to your own work.

Writers have email, text, and Zoom communication with the instructor as needed throughout the six months.



  • Weekly live craft classes with writing exercises
  • Personalized writing plan and reading list 
  • Bi-monthly one-on-one Zoom meetings
  • Deep written feedback on your work
  • Creativity exercises
  • Guest speakers
  • Tailored weekly, bi-monthly and monthly goals
  • Unlimited email access to instructor
  • Publication preparation and strategy
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Application Deadlines and Deets:

We are now accepting applications for WM 2021, which will begin September 2021.

Tuition for the program is $3750.  As a writer, you must commit to the full semester and meet all assignments at agreed-upon times. In exchange, we will help you soar.

Once accepted into the program, we require a $1,000 deposit. You can pay the remainder of the tuition in full before mentorship begins, or in two equal payments of $1375.50, with the 1st payment due before the first class, and the second payment due before Week 4.

To offset COVID-19 chaos, we are waiving all reading/application fees. Hot digity dawg.

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Update: WM2020 is now closed! Click the "apply now" button below to get on the waiting list for 2021. It'll be here soon!

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