Creating Persona in Creative Nonfiction

This self-paced course will help you understand how to craft a distinctive self in your personal essay or memoir. 

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What is a persona?

 A persona is literally defined as the “actor’s mask.”

It can also be considered the public representation of your private self. We create them all the time in regular life. At work. With friends or extended family. On social media. Especially on social media!

As a writer you can develop a written persona in your creative nonfiction that creates an illusion of yourself that your readers will think is you. It’s not—it’s simply a stand in— but that’s okay. You want to be in command of how you come across in your work, and understanding how persona works will help you create an engaging self that readers will want to get to know.

This course teaches you tools for bringing yourself to life in prose. Each week we will explore the analyze the nature of persona and how it works in writing, as well as the elements of writing you can use to create a distinctive self on the page. The ten video lessons with writing exercises illuminate the narrative decisions that help you shape your persona – your self made from words – into a powerful and compelling character.


Persona in Creative Nonfiction


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