Friday Night Writes 

Rokay, Rooby Doo. It's Friday Night. You. Us. Adult beverages. 40 other writers scattered across the map. And it's virtual so you can drink at home without guilt.

Friday Night Write Launch- Coming to a computer near you in January 2021

Welcome to Friday Night Writes!

We created this virtual writing/social time to help writers stay connected during this time of social distancing. Although writing is known to be a solitary activity, we writers actually need each other keep that creativity zumming at a healthy hum.

Here’s how it works: We meet on Zoom one Friday night a month. The instructor gives a writing prompt and we write. Then we share our work, (though you don’t have to share if you are feeling shy). Then we talk a bit, have an adult beverage (you supply your own), or a non-adult beverage (I drink hot things with mushrooms in it, in a medicinal way, which is actually pretty adulty if you think about it), and we write some more. Our prompts are themed and designed to allow you to leave with a good start to a new piece, or help you expand your writing skills in some way.

No pressure. No stress. No criticism. Just a place and time to write for your own enjoyment.

Each session lasts about an hour and 15 minutes.

It’s free. It’s fun. All writers are welcome.

Come join us!