Work with a Whistle Tree Writing Coach   

Whistle Tree Coaching is a one-on-one experience designed to help you break through writing barriers and reach your goals.

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Personalized Calendar and Reading List

Personalized calendar for achieving your project goals and reading lists designed to suit your specific needs.

Intensive Feedback on Your Work

Deep feedback (via Zoom meeting and written response) on up to 40 pages of your work per month.

Earnest Partnership

We learn your work style and are devoted to supporting your writing in the most individualized way.

What It Is:

Working with a Whistle Tree writing coach produces sustainable, lasting change in your writing process and the work you produce, and how you think about yourself as an artist. Results are trackable and often only begin with completed manuscripts and publications.

Our coaching program is multi-month engagements in which we partner together to reach specific writing goals 

 It is ideal for the writer who wants intensive creative writing study, but is unable to or uninterested in committing to an MFA program. We often work with MFA grads, professional writers, and people already in the publishing industry.

To date, 50% of our writers have received their first publications within the first six months working with us. This represents 85% of writers not working on book-length projects.

Whistle Tree Coaching programs are a three-month minimum commitment, to ensure we can maximize growth and allow you to have the room to see results. Clients usually work with us for 6-12 months.



Ideal writing relationships rely on trust. We want to learn what makes you tick, so we can get down to addressing craft skills, energy blocks, and belief systems that create emotional limitations. You'd be surprised how often that comes up with writers. 

We work remotely and accommodate most time zones.  Clients have complete access to their coach in between sessions via unlimited email and/or text support.

It's important to have the right fit in a coach. We offer a free, no obligation, sample session to see what it feels like. During that time we we'll talk about your goals and discuss a bit of your work, and you can see how we work -- completely free!


Who It's For:

Coaching works best if you have written creatively before on some level, though you need not be published. You simply need to be at any stage of putting together a complete manuscript of any sort. It could be an essay, a series of essays, a short story or a collection, or a novel in progress. It’s okay if you don’t have a finished rough draft. In most cases, you do need at least one completed draft of an essay or short story, so we can see what your writing feels like, plus a project plan.

Coaching also works best if you are able to devote time to reading, writing, revising, and deeply discussing both micro and macro-level aspects of your work, with the goal of improving it for publication. You should be prepared to meet all time suggestions (otherwise known as “deadlines”) be eager to work, and open to trying new things.

How It Works:

You send us a writing sample of about 3000-5000 words and a project summary or plan. Once that is a go, we schedule a free Zoom session to discuss your project, writing goals, previous writing and revision experience, as well as your experience receiving feedback.

Based on your needs and goals, we create a plan that will help you get the best out of our time together.  If you need writing prompts and weekly or daily assignments, we will create ones that work for you. If you just need a bumper lanes to keep you on track, we can do that, too. We can be your cheerleader or your drill sergeant, or simply...your coach.

Each month you will turn in up to 8000 words (about 30 double-spaced pages) of writing. The number of pages you turn in is not set in stone and will remain flexible and adaptive to your schedule and writing process.

We will return the manuscript with detailed annotations and written feedback. We will also discuss your work in depth at one of two monthly Zoom meetings.

Because studying craft is essential, we create a reading list prescribed just for you. The list may take the form of essays or essay collections, stories, novels, craft talks or interviews, or anything else that might be a good fit.

Zoom meetings are freeform and adaptive to your needs, but usually include:

  • One “Discussion” meeting to discuss readings, thoughts, theories, writing success and struggles, and questions.
  • One “Conference” meeting to discuss feedback on your work in detail.

You will have complete email and text access to your coach in between sessions.



Coaching - 3 Months


Best for smaller projects or writers with specific short-term goals

  • One-on-one intensive feedback
  • Personalized writing plan
  • Built-in accountability
  • Zoom meetings every two weeks
  • Tailored weekly goals
  • Unlimited email access to coach
  • Goal Setting for long-term projects
  • Publication preparation
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Coaching - 6 Months


Most Popular - For writers working on more than one essay, a book-length project, or who want to do a deep dive into their craft.

  • One-on-one intensive feedback
  • Personalized writing plan
  • Built-in accountability 
  • Zoom meetings every two weeks
  • Tailored weekly, bi-monthly and monthly goals
  • Unlimited email access to mentor
  • Goal setting for long-term projects
  • Publication preparation
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Application Deadlines and Deets:

As of May 2021, we are accepting writers for our waiting list. Spots open up fairly often, so don't let the idea of a waiting list get you down.

To offset COVID-19 chaos, we are waiving all reading/application fees for 2020 and 2021. Whoopie!