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Storytelling and Healing for NPEs/MPEs


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Storytelling and Healing for NPEs/MPEs

We believe the act of writing our stories can be transformative. We believe it can help people move past traumatic events into a place of healing, and that writing is for everybody--even people who don’t consider themselves writers, people who never desire publication, or people who went through bad-enough experiences in high school writing classes to make them never want to write again! You need not  identify as  “a writer" or desire publication to access the healing benefits of writing. 

Telling our stories is important. It’s not selfish. It’s not self-indulgent. It’s not pointless. It’s part of how we relate to others as we move through the world, and it’s part of how we learn from others’ experiences. Storytelling is healing for both the storyteller and the reader/listener/witness.

Writing Your NPE/MPE Story is for anyone who has been cut off from biological family due to misattributed parentage and may be struggling with the ‘new normal.” Although you may not have anyone in your life who understands the significance of your NPE/MPE experience, it doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t write your story, and share it with a community of people who understand.   

Using tenets from Arthur Frank's The Wounded Storyteller, this course will take you through a series of talks, writing prompts, and short assignments that will allow you articulate your story in a way that helps move past emotional reactions and into understanding, with the goal of helping you move forward into a life without the constant pangs of pain, regret, bitterness, guilt, or betrayal that NPEs so often live with.



Per 6-Week Workshop

  • Six weekly Zoom classes
  • Access to Zoom recordings of each class
  • Weekly writing assignments and in-class writing prompts
  • Live workshop time to share your work
  • Professional feedback on your work
  • Unlimited email access to writing coach during workshop
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Deadlines and Deets:

This special introductory price is 20% off our regular $250 for a six-week workshop.

The start date for this workshop is still TBD, but we are anticipating either June or August 2021 start. All live Zoom classes will be available to be viewed as recording if you can't make a class.

All NPEs/MPEs/adoptees interested in writing their story are welcome!

You need not be a professional writer, or even desire publication. You don't need be a writer at all, in fact. No one will judge your writing. We will, however witness your story, and help you tell it in the best way possible. 

Closed to non-NPE/MPE/adoptees, and closed to family members of NPE/MPE/adoptees.

Once you purchase, you will have access to the course and our private online writing community for one year. 

We will be offering a need-based scholarship, so if you have financial hardship but believe you would benefit from this workshop, let us know through the contact form.