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Intensive Courses

Small, individualized semester-long creative writing course with intensive one-on-one feedback, designed to help you write a book in a year.


2 to 4-week self-guided short courses on various creative writing topics. Video and e-workbooks included. Access to closed online community.


8-week creative writing workshops. Live online meetings,  an e-copy of all teachings, access to a closed online community; one-on-one feedback.


Our private writing mentorship include goal-setting, deadline encouragement, intensive feedback, and guidance with book proposals and publication strategy.

Welcome to The Whistle Tree

Whistle Tree Writers is an online creative writing community dedicated to your writing practice. Whether you are a brand newbie or a published writer with an MFA, we are here to help support your writing with online courses, intensive classes, live workshops, and one-on-one mentorship. We get up close and personal with your work because you matter to us. Don't be nervous! All writers are welcome.


What the Heck Are We Doing?

Whistle Tree Writers is our response to the bunch of bananas that is 2020, especially the isolation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isolation isn't healthy, even for largely introverted writers who usually sit alone in a rooms for months at a time to get their work done. Despite needing "alone time" to write, we still need each other. 

We need workshop opportunities, classes, ways to meet and exchange craft ideas, share good books we've been reading, or talk about writing challenges and successes. 2020 has made this difficult.

We want to do our part to offset that! We want to help writers build and sustain a healthy writing practice through this time and beyond by building a community where we support each other and learn from each other.

 So, here's what we are doing for the rest of 2020: 

  • We are offering courses, workshops, and one-on-one mentorship.
  • We are giving away a free guide, "30-Day Jumpstart to a Successful Writing Practice"  when you sign up for our email list/newsletter. 
  • The Whistleour supposedly monthly newsletter will contain links to interviews, craft talks, or other food-for-thought writers might like. We'll also feature book recommendations, interesting writing resources, and weekly writing prompts to use as you see fit! Click here to get on the waiting list for 2021.
  • Starting in April 2021, we will also be hosting Friday Night Writes, a  monthly “write-in” on Zoom.

Stay tuned for classes and workshops, which we will be unveiling one at a time. Note: Writing Motherhood 2020 is now closed. Click here to get on the waiting list for 2021.




Our 2020 Course Offerings

Writing Motherhood

Writing Motherhood will help you create powerful literary prose using your own life experience as a mother. We will examine the intricate decisions required when constructing a strong narrative, how and where to start and end your story, how to thematically connect a series of essays, how to structure a book-length manuscript, how to edit for publication, and more. 

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Creating a Persona

The self you project in writing (your persona) is what your readers think is you. But is it really you? This self-paced course examines how personal works in creative nonfiction, and why it is important to control how you come across on the page. Start anytime! All are welcome!


Coming Soon

The Patient's Story

This self-paced course on writing about illness, disability, or trauma is for anyone desiring to recover the voice that is often lost after being labeled a patient. It guides writers to speak the truth of their story in their own words, instead of the words on a medical chart. Start anytime. All are welcome!


Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two types of courses. The first is a rigorous, intensive semester-long course. It is for the writer who is ready to work on a book-length manuscript. The theme will change each year. Admission requires a writing sample.

We also offer self-paced course. Designed to be affordable and easy to access, it is perfect for writers who have busy schedules, new babies, insomnia, or any other type of life situation that requires time flexibility. You can take as long as you want to finish it. And we can again say one of our favorite lines: All writers are welcome!

We believe in flexibility and we understand that we all have to make "pandemic accommodations." If you become ill with COVID-19, or any other illness which requires you to take time off from your class, simply email us and let us know.

Once you purchase a self-guided class, it will always be available. You may stop and start it at any time, as needed.

If you are enrolled in one of our semester-long intensives, you will be regular, bi-weekly contact with your instructor. Simply email your instructor and the two of you can decide appropriate accommodations together. Often, an instructor can accommodate and reschedule up to two weeks of lost time over the course of a semester. 

Because we are a distance learning program, all our courses, workshops and other events are held online, which should easily accommodate those who are self-isolating.

We want to make sure writers can find community support while self isolating, and we care about your health, happiness, and writing productivity during this time and beyond.


Everyone is welcome at Whistle Tree Writers. We have open arms for all writers of all genres at every skill and confidence level. Some of writers have MFAs and teach writing themselves, some are brand new, and many are in between. 

We just need you to have the desire to write, to study writing, and to be (or be willing to become) an avid reader.

No worries here. No stress. We just want you to improve your writing, build your skills, and have fun with us.

Writing Coach Dawn Davies

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